Welcome to museum professionals. i am making this site because i love to go to museums since my childhood so i would like to share my views, my experiences with you. I like to travel one place to another so i use to go museums. Have you visited Europe? It’s just amazing how many fantastic works of art and history you can view by stepping into any museum in most of the cities, and a lot of them are free. Also I am going to talk you some about my other passion for spending time online playing games.

Of course American museums can be pretty amazing too. Anyone who visited NY for example, knows that a trip to the Big Apple is not complete without a visit to the MOMA or the Guggenheim.

I still recall one story that my grandma told me about life, and it was right after I visited a museum of contemporary art. These and many others are reasons why I decided to dedicate this website to people who work at them.

After all, museums wouldn’t be around without professionals who look after them, curate art to display, and all the work that goes behind the scenes.

So without further ado, you may be interested in using this website if you:

  • Work in a museum
  • Know anyone who works in a museum
  • Are a museum geek (like me)
  • Want to work in a museum

The main goal is to provide communication and collaboration for people who work in this industry, in the US, Europe, and around the world.

We are going to continually develop this website so make sure that you bookmark it and you keep checking in often for news and updates.

Currently we are offering the following services:

Post your Profile: if you are a museum professional and are looking for a job, make sure to post your profile where relevant employers will be able to find you.

Post Articles: have something to say? Want to reach the masses and become a celebrity blogger? Well maybe blogging about all things museum is not the way to go! But if you want to get your point across a relevant audience of people involved in the museum industry, then contact us with your proposal and we will be happy to consider you for a quality content contribution.

Forum: if you are recruiting staff for a museum, make sure you post your job to our board, where a broad audience of professionals will be able to see it. Give and get advice in this thriving community of museum professionals and enthusiasts.